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Realtime platform for continuous improvement through Kaizen.

Upcoming Webinar 3rd Sept 2021 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm (IST)
3rd Sept 2021 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm (IST)

  • Quality Issues
  • Operation Issues
  • Higher cost and lowering profit
  • Safety Issues
  • Processes Gaps
  • Employee engagement to bring the change
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About myeNovation

myeNovation is a cloud-based proven software platform for the manufacturing industry to automate and digitize various business processes with the help of mobile and web apps.

Kaizen or Suggestion Scheme is one of the modules which helps organizations to implement continuous improvement methodology. It will help companies to target save cost, reduce waste, improve quality, productivity, etc through employee engagement. If it's implemented scientifically, companies will see a minimum 10% increase in profit margins, visible intangible benefits, and an increased maximum of up to 80% in employee engagement when used at the fullest potential by leadership.

Suggestion Journey Map

Department and TPM based approach

Operating Engineers

Submit suggestions and ideas.

Operation Heads

Assist objective evaluation.
Track and monitor ideas.

HR Heads

Who are looking for
software platform with
various engagement
options including Rewards.

Quality Heads

Who struggle to maintain
the quality and looking for
sustenance platform.

Management Team

Who believes in that fact
that everything is
achievable if employee is
engaged and looking for
for supporting platform.

Just not software,

Problem solving and
sustainable approach!!
The Way
of innovation
Basic Way
01.   Dashboard & Reports
02.   All Suggestion
03.   Knowledge Bank
04.   Winner's Board
05.   Lateral Kaizen
06.   On Hold Provision
07.   Escalation
08.   Self Implemented
Advance Way
09.   Guest Suggestion
10.   Sustenance Audit
11.   Assessment
12.  Horizontal Deployment
13.  Stop Plagiarism
14.   Brownie
15.  Rewards & Recognition


myeNovation is AI and Cloud based software solution for industry to Digitize Employee Suggestion Scheme, Audit, TPM etc. to achieve operational excellence


Its Useful!!

Huge manpower saving through full automation of manual process


Easy exchange of best practices, implementation within plants


Huge manpower saving through full automation of manual process


Huge manpower saving through full automation of manual process

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